13 février 2020

My wonderful travel in New Zealand!



Hi frenchies!! It's me, your favourite boooooy ♥

I've decided to take holidays in New Zealand with my friends for 10 days. 

We have lived in a small hut near a lake without network and running water.

The fisrt day, we have visited the capital city: Wellignton. I love this city! We have been to Te Paga Tongarewa. It's an interesting national museum and mixed art gallery.Te Papa TongarewaRésultat d’image pour Wellington

The next day we have hiked on the White Island. It was very tiring ! We have seen a kiwi. The evening, we have eaten in a little restaurant. I love gastronomy of New Zealand! 

Then I have decided to get a Maori tatoo. It is really intricate. He will remind me of my travel eveyday.

We have spoken with habitants. They are so friendly! I've met Piourio (pwouwio) : he is a Maori! He has 7 tatoos! He has explained to me their meaning. It's impressive.Résultat d’image pour Tatouage Maori

The next day, we have stayed in the hut since we were tired and my tatoo hurted me. So we have talked and took a lot of selfies for my boyfriend Elias, stayed in Germany. (Ich liebe dich) 

The 6th day, we have visited Queenstown, a city on the south island. We did bungee jumping. Leo, my friend, didn't want to beaucause he was scared. Then we have eaten in the public house. I couldn't take a photo. 

The 7th day, we have decided to return in Wellignton because we have loved this city. We have liked to walk in the streets full of colors. We have buy lots of souvenirs, as the tourists we were, hahaha!

The next day we have visited Rotorua. It is a city very excentric because it is on the lac Eponyme! It has suprised me. The city is known for her Maori traditions. We have spent a lot of time there because we have found the city very beautiful.I have taken pictures once again. But this time, it wasn't for Elias!  I'm thinking of making a photo book to remind me of this trip. What do you think ? Is it a good idea?


The 9th day, we were in the village market of our hut. We have bought a lot of New zealand products. 

 I really advise you about this country. It's sooooo beautiful. You'll never get bored and I really wish I could have stayed there longer! 

I hope you have liked my little story about my adventures in New Zealand, and that you will be still here for the next travel!

bye lovelies frenchies!

- Raphaël. 


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